Pool Rules



  • During Lifeguard Hours:  Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult member or babysitter 16 years of age or older.
    During Non-Lifeguard Hours:  Minimum age for entrance to the pool area, without parental supervision, is 14 years of age.  
  • For a party that is scheduled during the regular pool hours and will have more than 10 swimmers attending, an additional lifeguard must be scheduled. Please email [email protected]
  • Each household can have no more than 10 guests at the pool
  • No Running, Pushing or Shoving, Diving, Back Flips, Dunking
  • No Climbing on Fences
  • No Chewing Gum
  • No Skating, Scooters, or Bicycles
  • No Glass Allowed in the Pool Area
  • Floats Allowed Only When Not Crowded
  • No Food at Pool’s Edge
  • Keep all edibles and containers at the tables and chairs
  • All clean up is the responsibility of individual members
  • Please clean up after your children
  • Please supervise your small child when he/she uses the restroom
  • Use trash cans provided just outside the pool area
  • No Smoking
  • Disposable Swim Diapers and Cloth Swim Diapers are Required on All Children in Place of Regular Disposable or Cloth Diapers
  • Lifeguard Stand is Off Limits to Everyone Except Lifeguards
  • ADDITIONAL LIFEGUARDS: The Company will provide lifeguards for special events, after-hours parties, and extra hours of operation at the request of the Customer and/or its members and subject to the following:

For parties or special events, the Customer and its members are not required to use Company lifeguards; however, Customer and its members assumes full responsibility and liability for the pool in the event any individuals are within the pool area when the Company lifeguards are not scheduled to work. The Customer and its members agrees to indemnify and hold Company harmless for any and all claims for damages or injuries, or both arising from the use of the pool during hours other than those specified in this contract unless Company’s lifeguards have been scheduled according to the policies set forth herein.  For parties or special events (during regular hours or after hours), for which the Company is to provide lifeguards, the Customer and/or its members are responsible for giving the Company fourteen (14) days prior written notice as to:

    •   The number of people who are scheduled to attend

    •   The general age group of the people scheduled to attend

    •   Whether alcoholic beverages will be permitted at the party

    •   Any special admission instructions

      * For a party that is scheduled during the regular pool hours and will have more than 15

      swimmers attending an additional lifeguard must be scheduled.

  •   One additional lifeguard shall be required for any teenage party, college age party or for any party

    involving alcoholic beverages. Customer agrees to provide one adult chaperone for each ten (10)

    people at a teenage or college age party.

  •   Billing shall include any time spent cleaning up after use by any special group or party.

  •   Customer’s Members must complete Party Reservation Form via the Company website at


  •   If the Customer is the group requesting additional lifeguards, they need to notify the Company (14)

    days prior to the event via email: [email protected] and phone 770-458-9422 #11. The Customer does not have to complete the items “on line” as the Customer’s members are required to.

    Lifeguard requirements:

    - for 1-20 guests: 1 lifeguard - for 41-60 guests: 3 lifeguards - for 21-40 guests: 2 lifeguards - for 61-80 guests: 4 lifeguards

    $25.00/hour for each lifeguard required: _____ lifeguard hours x $25.00 = ________
    An additional lifeguard is required for any party involving teenagers, college-age individuals, or alcohol. No lifeguards will be scheduled past 12:00 midnight